Nuit Blanche à Paris – 2018

Nuit Blanche à Paris – 2018

The Nuit Blanche is a yearly event that started about 17 years ago. This year, different routes are organised under the form of four stellar constellations, in different neighborhoods. Th Nuit Blanche is that one time in the year you can see art under all its forms, shapes and places 🙂

You could discover the musical installations forming the constellation de La Villette, starting at the Philharmonie of Paris and going all the way to the City of Science.

The constellation of Porte Dorée will take you out of the city and will make you feel dizzy with its sensorial dancers around the Lac Daumesnil.

On the île St Louis, the constellation will be the one of the unexpected and unique. The art pieces and installations will be set up in places that are usually very secret and for some closed to the public. It will be a maze that only the small street of the historical Paris could host!

And the last constellation, the one around the Invalides, will be the closest to us. You can discover the ‘Super Kolomiter’, a huge pedestrian area created very exceptionally for the Nuit Blanche! Start to wander at the Army museum and discover all the artistic representations, the food trucks, the concerts… and so much more!

Head to the website of the event to play around with the interactive map and organise the best route 🙂