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La Nuit Blanche 2016

La Nuit Blanche 2016

The 'Nuit Blanche' 2016 will be a journey through emotions and a romantic course along the river Seine. If will be filled with music, poetry, art and unique adventures! A emotional map will guide you through 11 different areas of Paris, each welcoming a visual performance or a sound show and sometimes even both. The monuments, museums, bridges and streets will all be part of this event. Projections will be set up on walls, sculpture will be laid out on the Seine itself, there will be physical performances, aquatic shows and so many others... A unique experience that will get you to see Paris differently :-)   889601-nuit-blanche-2016-paris-capitale-de-l-amourm352090 2013_onenightstand_nava_a3817_002_ltr Hôtel de Ville de Paris Nuit Blanche 2010  
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