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Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris



Owner of the hotel and daughter of the Family. 
After 7 years in the world of Luxury, watchmakers and jewelry, in Paris & London, Delphine decided to join the family adventure with the project of the “Signature Saint Germain “ en 2012. 
Fan of travels, gastronomy and fashion, she brought her personality to this home and takes a lot of pleasure in sharing her home city and in receiving guests from all over the world. 
With the help of the decorators and friends, Pascal & Veronique Maingourd, but also from her team, she created a home to her image: colorful punchy & happy! 

Her Paris : The village around Abbesses, in Montmartre where she was born and St Germain where she lives. 

Her favorite restaurant : Les Botanistes for a refined yet typical french atmosphere but for something from Bistronomique and modern: Le Richer or Clamato. 

Her daily coffee at the comptoir : Le Café Varenne

Her shopping spot : Le Bon Marché of course !

And for a more intimate evening : Along the Seine or around the St Sulpice church. 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris


Receptionist and Concierge

The longest standing member of the team (discreet, pianist, mother), Manuela has known all the different transformations of our home, year after year, she knows its every corner just like she knows our neighborhood like the back of her hand! 

Her kindness and sens of service will seduce you just like her knowledge of the city and its monuments. Always ready to help or make your stay the most enjoyable one and she will ease your day to day travel plans. 

Her Paris : The Luxembourg Garden where she likes to take her kids

Her Favorite Restaurant : Breizh Café for delicious crêpes

Her shopping spot : Le Marais, you can find everything there

Her favorite unusual place : The bridge of Concorde for a beautiful view specially at night with the city lights

Her favorite museum : L'Atelier des Lumières, an unique and original visit

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris


Receptionist and Concierge

The nomad of the team, after 4 years in London, 1 year in Melbourne and 2 years hopping around the world… Alice will surprise you with her openmindedness and her knowledge of the world ! After all this, Paris remained her home and her true city of heart. 
She is also a music and literature lover and will always have unusual or secret places to recommend. 

Her Paris : The 11th, her adoptive neighborhood, but also the 6th where she grew up! 

Her Favorite Restaurant : Kitchen Galerie Bis for the mix of unexpected flavors but Chez Fernand for its traditional and friendly atmosphere! 

Her favorite Café : La Palette, a true comptoir dated back to the 30s ! 

Her shopping spot : La Frange à l’envers or Chercheminippes, two amazing second hand shops with a real Parisian selection ! 

For more intimate evenings : La place Dauphine, the perfect spot to have some drinks and play Petanque during the summer time ! 

Her favorite unusual place : The St Jacques tower for its incredible views, its history and architecture. It is what makes it a unique place with a very restricted access !  

Her favorite museum : L'Orangerie to admire Monet's Water Lilies

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris



Orginaly from Paraguay, her gentleness and her will to do things the right way will please you. She will do everything possible to ensure that you room is clean and cosy for when you return to the hotel.

For 15 years, Zoraïda has been dedicated to making our home a comfy nest and to ensuring the breakfast is prepared in a warm atmosphere ! 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris



Josephine’s smile will welcome you in the monring at breakfast or around the corner of the higher floors. It will brighten up your day ! 

During the 10 years she has been working for our home, Josephine has taken a lot of care for each and every room but also made sure they were all as welcoming and pretty as possible. 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris



Jacquie has worked for some of the most famous Parisian palaces. You will appreciate her keen sense for details and the excellence of her service.

Don’t let her seriousness and professionalism fool you, she will make you smile and feel welcome !  

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris


Chef Technique

He is our own McGyver! Sacha can fix just about anything and with him the saying ‘there are no problems, only solutions’ makes so much sense!

He works in the shadows but is irreplaceable to both of our homes.

Our partners

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our florist


Every Wednesdays, like an old ritual, Céline brings us our weekly flowers. Small bouquets spread around the reception that will brighten up this gathering place and the first image you will see of our home. 
She goes to Rungis (professional market) everyday at 5am to choose the best seasonal flowers with the brightest colors and then she takes her time to arrange them by letting her creativity take over! 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our Decorators


A word from the decorators : Pascal and Veronique Maingourd

« We wanted to create a hotel that doesn’t answer to fashion restrictions while still very fitting in the current trend, where guests could feel a true Parisian atmosphere in an intimate luxury.

Every element was chosen with great care to make sure it was current and that it would pass time without ever being out of order.
Always on the lookout for new elements that have never been seen before, we make choices that the Hotel Manager wouldn’t think of and yet still very adapted and fitting for their activity.
Our aim is to make this hotel unique.... »

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our baker


Après une belle journée, découvrez Mamie Gâteaux, ce petit endroit quelque peu désuet et tellement charmant.

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Supplier of organic apple juice


Camille is a young, dynamic and has a true passion for her home country : La Normandie !

That’s where her and her family decided to settle and renovate an apple Orchard with over 250 species. It is with the highest respect to nature that they cultivate this fruit. 

Indeed, the production is 100% organic, they only use natural pesticides and have set up beehives in the heart of their arboretum for a better pollination and maybe even a honey production.

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Thé Bio et Parfumés


I has been 150 years since Kusmi Tea was created! The family brand quickly seduced the Tsars in Russia but it is its original recipes and bright designs that we all know well now. Indeed since 2003, the company was bought over and developped by the Orebi brothers who made is a modern sucess in the respect of the old traditions. 

We have chosen Kusmi tea for breakfast because we wanted what is best for our guests and also because they respect similar values to ours. It is a choice of organic teas and infusions, from the classic English breakfast & Earl Grey to the green teas and detox infusions, that will be suggested to you at breakfast and also during the day :-) 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Les Douceurs


En voiture Simone ! En famille, en couple ou entre amis, l’aventure 4 roues sous un Parapluie est toujours unique ! C’est à bord d’une ancienne 2CV que vous pourrez découvrir Paris pour la première fois ou la énième fois... Votre guide vous baladera au gré de vos envies.

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Notre primeur


It is several times a week that once of us heads to the Epicerie des Prés to fill up on seasonal fruits for our guests.

We love this little boutique which offers a selection of all organic and fresh products and also because they joined the BioCoop Charter to offer a choice of products that are more respectful to the environment and people.  

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our guardian angels


Always with the idea of making our home a place respectful of nature and human, we participate to the collect done by Hôtels Solidaires, every week. This charity was started about 2 years ago now, and created by Antoine & Pierre.

They will pick-up our unsold croissants and baguettes but also the unfinished toiletries, or unused blankets or other useful but discarded items. They will get a second life by being redistributed to people in need. 

It is an action in which we sincerely believe and we take a lot of pleasure in helping them succeed as best as possible.

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our bikers


We particularly love the tours offer by the Retro Tour team.

Indeed visiting Paris in a vintage Sidecar that was completely renovated without loosing its original splendor, with a ‘titi Parisien’ pilot…

It truly is a unique experience. On top of being practical and super ful, their tours are also very stylish! 

Signature Saint-Germain - Votre famille à Paris

Our deudeuche


En voiture Simone ! 

As a family, a couple or between friends, the adventure with 4 Roues sous un Prapluie is always unique! It will be on board of an old 2CV that you will be able to discover Paris for the first time or maybe for the umpteenth time…Your guide will drive you wherever your feel like or just wander the famous avenues. 

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We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and a VERY GOOD HEALTH !!
Hoping to have the pleasure to WELCOMING YOU AGAIN SOON!

Dear Guest,

It is with a heavy heart that we had to close our home for an undetermined period.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again and remain at your disposal at the following email address for any request : info@signature-saintgermain.com  or on our website for your booking.

See you soon !

All the Team :)

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